Number of participants in the training: 2
Number of participants who have completed the training: 1
Number of registered entities: 2

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From the reading and study of the lessons you consider:

1 -> The text successfully introduces the inclusion model in badminton
2 -> The content is concrete and not diffused
3 -> The content has an appropriate length
4 -> It has given you an assumable vision in your club / school / association

Reading the recommended documents has resulted in:

1 -> it has helped you to complete practical concepts about inclusion in badminton
2 -> It has provided you information about practical issues you did not know
3 -> It has broadened your vision about badminton practice
4 -> In general, readings of recommended documents are of interest
5 -> It has improved the perspective I had of access to sport for people with disabilities
6 -> It has improved the possibilities of communication and interaction with people with disabilities

Watching the videos and other resources has resulted in:

1 -> They have proved beinguseful in understanding the inclusion in badminton
2 -> I was able to understand adaptation situations that I was not very clear about
3 -> They are very illustrative and useful for teaching people with disabilities
4 -> They exemplify organizational elements of an inclusive competition
5 -> They are very motivating to adopt an inclusive model
6 -> The participation of people with different disabilities is very explanatory

With the information you have learned, you considered yourself capable of::

1 -> Explain to others what inclusion in badminton is all about
2 -> Detail the adaptations required for inclusion in badminton
3 -> Explain the strengths of the inclusive model in badminton
4 -> Motivate people with disabilities to practice badminton
5 -> Inform other clubs to promote inclusion
6 -> Organize and promote inclusive badminton activities

Overall evaluation

1 -> According to the evaluations made under the above criteria, indicate the overall evaluation for the specific module.